Stop Being Cheated by Drug Store Fish Oil

There are health concerns between regular drug store omega 3 fish oil that you may not be aware of. You need to make sure it is of a high quality because as you about to find out, not all fish oil supplements are made equal.

If you don’t already know, omega-3 supplements promote health in a variety of ways. There is simply no other dietary supplement on the planet that can benefit your health in so many ways. And this is not just anecdotal evidence. There are loads of scientific studies done over many years that reveal that omega 3 fatty acids will:

Improve heart health, lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol, promote joint health and fight arthritis, improve memory and focus, improve insulin resistance and so much more. If I was to outline all the benefits of this supplement, you would be here reading all night.

But as the saying goes, “let the buyer beware”. How fish oil is manufactured is very important. Cheap drug store varieties are cheap for a reason. They don’t pay attention to the quality that you deserve. They sell an inferior product.

For starters, drug store omega 3 tends to be rancid. Take a couple of capsules and you can forget kissing your wife or girlfriend. You’ll get that fishy burp coming up from your stomach and out through your mouth. This is a sure sign that you have an inferior product.

The other thing about inferior omega3 supplements that is not evident on the surface is the contaminants they contain. Taking them is kinda like doing exercise and then eating cake and drinking a can of coke afterwards. You end up undoing your good work by putting all those calories in your body.

Similarly, drug store fish oil can undo some of the benefits of the healthy lifestyle you are trying to lead. They contain pollutants such as lead and mercury because the fishes they are made from live in contaminated waters.

Cod liver oil is especially guilty of this. Not only is it one of the most polluted omega3 products but it also contains particularly toxic amounts of vitamin D which can cause nausea, constipation and vomiting.

So in your quest for the amazing health benefits of fishoil, be very careful about the supplement you buy.