Best Drug Store Acne Treatments – Which Are the Best?

There are many acne treatments out on the market, but what are the best drug store acne treatments? It can make for a confusing experience going down the skin isle to find tens of dozens of different acne medications. Below are the best treatments that you can get for your acne at the convenience of your local drug store.

One of the most widely used acne medications which can be found at any drug store is Benzoyl Peroxide. It fights acne causing bacteria and unclogs pores which make it an effective treatment for acne and for the prevention of acne. Benzoyl Peroxide is found in face cleansers, creams and gels and is often considered by many as one of the overall best drug store acne treatments.

Salicylic acid is another popular treatment for acne which works by shedding dead skin cells. This helps keep pores from blocking and that in return helps clear acne and prevent it from coming back. Salicylic acid is often found in acne treatment pads which you pat on your face after a face washing. It is also found in cream form or liquid form.

Alcohol is effective because of its ability of destroy acne causing bacteria. It can also help clean off oil on the skin which keeps your pores from blocking up. Alcohol is found in cleaners and toners, but rubbing alcohol can also be used to effectively treat acne breakouts.

Don’t be tempted to try and use multiple acne products at the same time. This can do more harm then good. Your risk skin irritation, skin over dryness and can cause other normal side effects to intensify. This can cause you acne problem to become worse, which is the last thing that you want. Next time you are at the store and are looking for the best acne treatment, remember to try one treatment at a time to see what works best for your acne and skin type.

Locating Retail Drug Stores in Singapore

There are quite a few retail drug stores all over Singapore and finding one isn’t as hard in a country as small and as connected as this. General practitioners who are allowed to prescribe general medication or above the counter prescriptions come in many shapes and forms. From local retail drug stores to pharmacists who operate in multi national chains, there is no difficulty in finding the drug that you need to help you deal with that niggling cold or that sore ankle.

Whether in the suburbs or in the heart of the city, local retail drug stores are a plenty and they come in many shapes and forms. Just look at a local street directory and you will be sure to find one in a locale near you. The yellow pages is a premier place locate these pharmacists as most of them will be registered with a governing body. A quick check online reveal s more than 70 local drug stores and pharmacies in more than 11 locations and more than 23 buildings all over Singapore.

Products and services in these pharmaceutical chains are almost a carbon copy of each other, although you may be able to get a little more variety in the larger chains like Guardian Singapore or even Watsons. They have an internal pharmaceutical department, manned by a qualified and certified pharmaceutical specialist. They will be able to give you the right advice and give you the right sort of medication that you need to heal a wound or even get that stubborn cold and yank it out of your head.

For those who know exactly what they want and need and require general medicines that do not need a doctor’s note (or if you have a doc’s note already), you might want to consider the online pharmacy – a phenomena that has been cropping up on the local dot.coms for sometime now. A lot of companies both local and international has been diversifying their operations for a greater reach into cyberspace. You should not be worried about legitimacy or even product integrity, these pharmacies are governed by the same code of ethic, regulations and quality control checks that abound for their offline counterparts. The range that you can get on online pharmacies are more than likely going to be more extensive as they are able to represent a lot of foreign medication (just as effective) as the ones already found on our shores. They might take a little longer to come to you than offline stores, but it is convenient and accessible 24 hours a day. Local deliveries might take up to a day or less.

Singapore is the medical hub of Asia, high levels of medical standards and assessments ensure that this title remains for a very long time. Connectivity and availability are by-words for this country and locating a retail drug store in Singapore is extremely easy for anyone. If you ever wake up with a bad cold or need a repeat prescription for that niggling rash, a retail drug store is never too far away.

Stop Being Cheated by Drug Store Fish Oil

There are health concerns between regular drug store omega 3 fish oil that you may not be aware of. You need to make sure it is of a high quality because as you about to find out, not all fish oil supplements are made equal.

If you don’t already know, omega-3 supplements promote health in a variety of ways. There is simply no other dietary supplement on the planet that can benefit your health in so many ways. And this is not just anecdotal evidence. There are loads of scientific studies done over many years that reveal that omega 3 fatty acids will:

Improve heart health, lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol, promote joint health and fight arthritis, improve memory and focus, improve insulin resistance and so much more. If I was to outline all the benefits of this supplement, you would be here reading all night.

But as the saying goes, “let the buyer beware”. How fish oil is manufactured is very important. Cheap drug store varieties are cheap for a reason. They don’t pay attention to the quality that you deserve. They sell an inferior product.

For starters, drug store omega 3 tends to be rancid. Take a couple of capsules and you can forget kissing your wife or girlfriend. You’ll get that fishy burp coming up from your stomach and out through your mouth. This is a sure sign that you have an inferior product.

The other thing about inferior omega3 supplements that is not evident on the surface is the contaminants they contain. Taking them is kinda like doing exercise and then eating cake and drinking a can of coke afterwards. You end up undoing your good work by putting all those calories in your body.

Similarly, drug store fish oil can undo some of the benefits of the healthy lifestyle you are trying to lead. They contain pollutants such as lead and mercury because the fishes they are made from live in contaminated waters.

Cod liver oil is especially guilty of this. Not only is it one of the most polluted omega3 products but it also contains particularly toxic amounts of vitamin D which can cause nausea, constipation and vomiting.

So in your quest for the amazing health benefits of fishoil, be very careful about the supplement you buy.